Cary in a low end trance

By the way, welcome to the new site. I’m putting all the various projects up here, partially so I can keep track of them all, and partially to be flamboyant. New updates for this rock life include the possible reanimation of our band from earlier this decade, Twinklelingus. Twinklelingus was formed by myself, Cary Porter, Joesph Patrick Fitzgibbon, and Sam Ross. This group was originally designed to lend purpose to our otherwise drunken Tuesday nights. Why, we could write and perform songs and still drink equally as much beer. Twinklelingus was the result of these Tuesday nights and like all burning white-hot stars, we exploded and were no more. Now, some five years later, Twinklelingus is reanimating their aborted album project and have rediscovered their riff rock addiction. Check out the new myspace page on the left hosting some of the scraps we were able to collect from the first incarnation’s lost era. Additionally, stay tuned for future rock cherry bolssoms from Twinklelingus.

Let the Conniption Begin!

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