Hey I should have posted this on Halloween because strangely enough, that’s when the mix got finished. I was fortunate on that day (or rather the Saturday right before) to go to the last 21+ show at Satyricon with Pierced Arrows, the Obituaries, and Napalm Beach (the picture above is my half-assed costume.) The Pube and the Corpse, as our new song is titled, is the first done mix of the Misfits project. I know, the singing doesn’t sound like Danzig and whatnot which is fine. I got to get my reggae ass off the couch to channel the “violent world”. I got some good compliments about this though and the songwriting part of channeling this particular energy is fun fun fun. Also, it’s great working with such amazing people to put these together. In this case, Jairus Smith wrote and plays the guitar parts, Sam Ross beats his bass up pretty good, and Jody Lasky does the drums. Jody also plays in Broken Bodies, a Misfits cover band. If you’re interested in reading the rant about the Misfits project, please go here.

Anyhow here is The Pube and the Corpse. Enjoy!

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