Martin Gershowitz is a classically trained, German born keyboardmaster and is a current member of Iron Butterfly.

Class M Planets is tweak folk from Adam Goldman, whom will be performing solo acoustic troubadour. Adam will be playing songs from his new “Deerpath” lp as well as all sorts of new ones and possibly a thebrotheregg song or two. here:

Sean Harrasser of Western Divide and Harvester (Nor Cal Band) will be doing a rare and long overdue performance as the Envelope Peasant. If you haven’t heard Sean from his time in Harvester or Dearest, Crown, he is quite a storied singer/songwriter whose work is both sweetly catchy and delicately spiritual. Sean currently divides his time between Portland and Chico, CA, where he performs regularly with his group, Western Divide, whose songs are, “set in the wilderness of the earth and the wilderness of the heart.”

Jonny Ampersand will be performing as guitar, violin and lapsteel. He’s got a great voice and his songs are heart-felt and his emotional intelligence is through the roof! His music has been described as “Meta-Folk-Country-Pop” and some of his tunes can be found here:


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